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Ben Breger is pursuing the dual-Master's degree in Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning at the University of Massachusetts. Originally from Amherst, MA, Ben studied Biology as an undergraduate at Bates College in Maine. Prior to beginning graduate school, he managed a habitat restoration program for a small island community off the coast of Maine and worked at a wholesale tree nursery. In graduate school, his coursework, research, and internship experience have revolved around green infrastructure, climate resilience, affordable and healthy housing initiatives, and most recently, urban agriculture. Acknowledging the complexity of food and agricultural systems and the connections to human health, climate change, social cohesion, and ecological health, he has taken interest in identifying ways in which landscape planners and designers can work with farmers to integrate local, sustainable agriculture into neighborhoods and communities that need it most. This led to his interest in the budding "agrihood" trend sweeping through the real estate development industry, whereby farms and gardens are integrated into neighborhood developments as a central focus. In his spare time, Ben enjoys skiing, hiking, biking, playing guitar, and identifying new plants.

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About Site was started as a research project by Ben in late 2018 as part of his graduate thesis in regional planning at UMass-Amherst. The agrihood locator map and the corresponding information were created by Ben.