Currently tracking upwards of 80 agrihood projects, this map displays the name, location, size, and agricultural amenities for developments around North America. Click the icon on any project for more information and links the website and news stories. This collection of projects was gathered by scanning news reports, social media posts, and online searches. 

The map will be continuously updated. Please report new projects or additional information to 

bbreger [at]

The map may not be visible on certain browsers, such as Firefox. If you are having trouble, please try viewing the map directly  through ArcGIS online, click here 

Agrihood Locator Map

Downloadable List of Agrihoods

I am pleased to share my list of agrihood developments which is reflected in the map above. Below, please find a PDF and Excel version.

*last updated 7/11/2019 with 81 agrihoods

Breger_Agrihood_Spreadsheet_forweb (csv)


Breger_Agrihood_Spreadsheet_forweb (pdf)